Word of Grace is committed to a systematic study of the Bible via expository preaching through entire books of the Bible. 

current book: the gospel of luke

We're so glad you found us!

Thank you for taking a moment to consider Word of Grace Community Church. 

Word of Grace offers:

  • A systematic study of the Bible, teaching the doctrinal foundations of the Christian Faith.
  • Family Integrated prayer, worship and fellowship. "Families stay TOGETHER."
  • Biblical instruction in areas of parenting, marriage and finance.
  • Family curriculum for memorizing scripture and catechism.
  • Women of Grace Bible Studies / accountability with other women age 13 and up that will refresh and encourage.
  • Men of Grace Bible Studies gatherings with men 13 and up for accountability and training.
  • A noon meal together each Sunday to nurture relationships with other WOG families.
  • Childcare: Younger children and babies stay with mom and dad. There is a private area to nurse, change diapers or deal with behavior.  We have multiple glider rockers in the worship area for our parents of infants to use.

We Believe:

It is our desire to be a New Testament fellowship that follows Scripture in every aspect.

We believe the Bible is the only true source of instruction, especially in family life.

We believe that the church and family should support each other, and not compete. Therefore our programming is simple and our primary focus is on teaching God's word to all ages. Men are taught to how to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. Moms are instructed in the Biblical role of woman.

We believe the home is a place for discipling children and are providing parents with instruction and resources to do so. Home is where Godly character is developed.

Word of Grace Community is characterized by a family like quality in its life and ministry with an emphasis on discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, and developing relationships.

Word of Grace Community is committed to historic Southern Baptist doctrines.

Join Us this Week:


  • 10:30am (Worship & Fellowship)
  • 12:30pm (Fellowship Meal)
  • Find Directions to our meeting location here.


  • 6:00am (Men's Bible Study @ Panera)

There is much information here and I would encourage you to look it over. While not by any means exhaustive, we hope this site will give you a thorough overview of who we are and what it is that we believe.

It is our goal to encourage, equip and challenge families and individuals to be all that God created them to be. We'd love to have you come join us!  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.